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So, I’m not dead, I’m just trying to finish my degree, my website, and my financial dependence on other people. I’m also chasing the right chemical cocktail for the imbalanced chemistry of my brain, medication for my chronic pain, and pursuing happiness (damn that asshole can run, but it’s still in my field of vision).

I’ll be back someday. ♥

Title: Letter Home

Artist: Sophie Leetmaa

Inspiration: Cocteau Twins’ Shallow Then Halo

Artist’s Comments: I scraped away most of the skeleton’s form after I painted the background, which I really enjoy the effect of and I think I may do in the future.  It looks like the song feels, particularly the color, I hope you agree.

Title : Heading South

Artist : Sophie Leetmaa

Inspiration : Desire Lines By Lush

Artist’s Comments : watercolor, red glitter gel pen, salt, ink, digital touch up.  I’m not sure how high up this window is.

Title : How We Quit The Forest

Artist : Sophie Leetmaa

Inspiration : Rasputina’s How We Quit The Forest

Artist’s Comments :

done with a dip pen and reallllly thin microliner.  Looks slightly like the song sounds = success.

Title : Safe As Houses

Artist Sophie Leetmaa

InspirationParenthetical Girls' album Safe As Houses

Artist’s Comments :

this is the tumblr of my dreams!  

even though this piece is full of glaring errors, there’s still something I like about it.  I think it’s because I succeeded in portraying a hint of what Parenthetical Girls sound like- which is exactly how I want to draw.

Title : Longing For A Friend

Artist : Nessa Ninona

Inspiration : Fauve

Artist’s Comments :

Quick quick drawing while taking a break from work.
(Edit: I’ve improved the dark water, a bit)
Artwork© Nessa Ninona
texture: my own and
inspired by “Sundown” song by Fauve.

Title : Stilettos

Artist : Nessa Ninona

Inspiration : Lady Gaga

Artist’s Comments :

I’ve been wanting to draw this for a while :D and I finally found the excuse:
Lady Gaga’s “ALEJANDRO” CONTEST for gagaloo-love
Info: [link]
Yes, it’s Lady Gaga and Valdemar xD
I guess none of you never expected to see Mr.Valdemar wearing high heels xD and even less, doing something with Gaga.
It all comes from a kind of JOKE between my sister *AdaCross and me, involving Lady Gaga, Valdemar and hrdcore X-Rated films. Well, and Cross Marian too.
Better if you don’t know about it, it’s too… bizarre xD and funny, believe me.
This pic, obviously inspired by Alejandro videoclip by Her Majesty Gaga (I love it!)
Hence the stilettos.
A fetish fantasy of mine: seeing Valdemar wearing uniform :)

Crow Valdemar. Artwork © Nessa Ninona
Badirfilay comic © *nessa-ninona and *AdaCross (co-author)
Lady Gaga and “Alejandro” stuff © Lady Gaga herself <3
Texture by and my own
Some brushes by ~redheadstock

Title : Protest Song

Artist : Nessa Ninona

Inspiration : Ladytron

Artist’s Comments :
I wrote a protest song about YOU

Fist a la Jane Fonda. Inspired by Ladytron song “Burning up”.
Artwork© Nessa Ninona
Textures by my own and
Inspired by song “Burning up” by the awesome Ladytron

Title : Hairy Trees

Artist : Nessa Ninona

Inspiration : Goldfrapp

Artist’s Comments :

You give me this love…
For the love of the unicorn yeah <3
Kitschy-coloured drawing. Inspired by Goldfrapp music. This song it’s like a peach.
I enjoy trying to use all the space in the picture, like I did in “Stilettos” one. It’s funny, it’s like playing with the space and shapes ^_^
Artwork © Nessa Ninona
Textures by my own, and =Yasny-chan
Chaise longe reference by ~fallen-angle-stock
Inspired by Goldfrapp songs of “Black Cherry” album.

Title : Tears For Fears In Chalk

Artist : Emily Nguyen

Inspiration : Tears For Fears

Artist’s Comments :

Hahahah! Tears for Fears in CHALK!! Roland Orzable represents the sun and Curt Smith represents the moon!
I drew this at Earl’s Place in UC San Diego (I’m currently studying there). By the way, this is actually my 2nd Chalk work ;)
No reference pictures were used.
This is how big the board is
DATE: November 2007
MEDIUM: Chalk on Chalk-board :D

Title : TFF Two-faced Curt

Artist : Emily Nguyen

Inspiration : Curt Smith of Tears For Fears

Artist’s Comments :

I drew this at [link]
See Animation
If you guys haven’t seen Tears for Fears music video “Change,” you should watch it on youtube for the hell of it!! XD I’m so cheeesssyy with 80’s music!!
DATE: February 3, 2007
MEDIUM: Paint BBS (oekaki), mouse

Title : Tears For Fears

Artist : Emily Nguyen

Inspiration : Tears For Fears

Artist’s Comments :

haaaah my first fanart of Tears for Fears, and it came out not the way i wanted >.<;;; !!! haaah oh well…
well, from left to right it’s Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith in a cartoony style. probably some of you know who tears for fears is (maybe). they’re that band who sang “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” “Shout,” and “Head Over Heels.” if you guys seen Donnie Darko and are familiar with Gary Jules’ “Mad World,” these two guys originally created that song (Roland for the songwriting, Curt for the vocals) . sadly people around me don’t know that.
haaaah, i’m such a loser for liking 80’s music and being all obsessed.
DATE: August 17, 2006
MEDIA: photoshop 7, half of the time it’s tablet and half is mouse :P

Tears for Fears, Roland Orzabal, Curt Smith (c) themselves

Title : Flat Field

Artist : adipocerate

Inspiration : Peter Murphy of Bauhaus

Artist’s Comments :

peter murphy. pen & ink, watercolor wash. collaboration with karl zinsmaster.

Title : David Bowie

Artist : Jeremy Baum

Inspiration : David Bowie

Artist’s Comments :

i am currently hooked on Bowie’s album “Station to Station”. a solid album. it’s incredible that he doesn’t even remember recording that album due to him being in the throes of a serious cocaine addiction at that time. my 3 favorite bowie albums would have to be “Station to Station”, “Diamond Dogs” and “Aladdin Sane”.

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